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Working With Colours

easy22 Minutes


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Do you want to stand out from the crowd and create exquisite and bespoke buttercream flowers that look like real flowers?
I want to show you how creating amazing colour combinations will improve the natural look of your buttercream flowers and attract new customers who cannot wait to buy and try your cupcake creations.
Nature doesn’t create colour in a single dimension. I want to teach you how to create natural colour palettes that work well together and please the eye.
This tutorial will teach you some of the basic colouring methods I use on a daily basis to take your buttercream flowers to the next level.
I will give you an in-depth insight into how I work with colours. You will learn some of my trade secrets too.
Learn how to:

  • Work with colour tone variations
  • Create various shades of cream to match your bouquet’s chosen palette
  • How to introduce shading to your flowers and your foliage
  • How to create deep red and jet black
  • How to effectively combine colours to create new shades
  • How to create a pale tones
  • How to achieve shimmering gold and silver tones
  • Find out what brands of colourings I use for the best results
  • Free downloadable copy of my buttercream and sponge recipe
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