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My price list below will give you an idea of the cost of my fresh cupcakes. Each order is bespoke and made to your requirements and so prices can vary slightly based on your exact requirements. When you have decided what design you would like and selected your colour palette, please contact me to get a quote, check my availability and to place an order.
Click here for allergen information or consult with Kerry’s Bouqcakes directly.
NOTE: Kerry’s Bouqcakes does not provide gluten free or dairy free products.
Please note my fresh cakes have to be collected from Norwich, Norfolk, UK. We do not offer delivery or shipping.

  • Cupcake Bouqcakes

    7 cupcakes from £34
    12 cupcakes from £54
    19 cupcakes from £77
    24 cupcakes from £95
    30 cupcakes from £117
    If you are interested in a bouquet with some of the premium range of piped flowers email me for a price.

  • Boxed Floral Cupcakes

    Box of 6 from £26
    Box of 12 from £45

  • Boxed Premium Cupcakes

    Premium range box of 6 from £35 (multiple hand piped flowers on one cupcake) Box of 12 from £60

  • Deluxe Chocolate Cupcakes

    Box of 6 from £25
    Box of 12 from £40

  • Boxed Cacti Cupcakes

    Box of 6 from £30
    Box of 12 from £55


I am huge admirer of your work and was thrilled when you released your videos. I purchased the beginners video the day it was released. I watch a lot of baking tutorials and yours are far superior to any others in terms of quality and the learning I am able to gain from them. Thank you

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