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What’s new in 2021

We are now well into Covid year 2. Not something we really want to be reminded of so let’s look at 2021 positives.

If you read my last blog, End of Summer and Back to School, you will know and possibly have experienced the same feelings when the children go back to school and we get back on the work and school wheel. I am pleased to announce that I am back in charge of my life and calm has been restored to my household. (Well, as normal as it ever is anyway!!) I hope you are all faring okay too.

I can see from my Facebook VIP Cake Community that loads of you have started new businesses and are growing your skills and customer base. Well done all of you. I have included some of you in my Saturday Shout Out and my Student Blog this year. Please don’t be offended if you have not been included but it is rather like a pin in a map of the world as there are so many of you being successful out there. I can assure you I love to see your skills and your businesses grow and more student spot lights will follow soon.

For those of you that are hobby bakers I love your enthusiasm to learn something new and look for improvements. I love new adventures and that is what a hobby really is, venturing into the unknown and you never know where your journey will take you. Look where my hobby has taken me.

Some exciting news too!!
I have just finished filming my Autumn Fall Collection and it is now on available over on my website. (Link to Autumn Fall Collection) I hope you like it and find it a good starting point for your Autumn cupcakes. The new course has 5 designs. I have worked really hard behind the scenes to perfect these designs and I hope they give you some fresh inspiration and perhaps some ideas that you have not seen in buttercream before.

A little hint:
When I sell my Autumn themed cupcakes (And the same goes for all my seasonal offerings), I like to mix up the more complex designs with something simpler, for example a swirl rose in autumn red or a simple hydrangea in red and green. It makes the more complex designs stand out and also makes better business sense as it cuts the preparation time down for each box you make. If you are a business you don’t have to offer all the new designs this year. You could hold a couple of designs over for next year so you have something fresh to offer next Autumn. Good luck.

As always take care

Love Kerry xx