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Talking to your children : Coronavirus #stopthespread

You will find that this is a slightly different blog from my norm but I felt I wanted to discuss this topic in some way or another. As I have already mentioned before across my social media channels, we are currently living in extremely difficult and unprecedented times, taking not only each day as it comes but each hour. Society is having to adapt like never before due to the coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic, whether that be working from home rather than going in to the office every day, staying indoors when we’re used to going out and about, staying away from our loved family members and friends or trying our very best to home-school our little ones.

As a mother of two, I have been very open with my followers on how difficult and unsettling I personally have found this period of time. We try our best as a family to remain positive and see the silver lining in getting to spend more time together as our family unit. I was blessed to have taken part in a campaign in the UK across a period of 10 weeks where neighbours came out of their homes at 8pm to #clapforourcarers to show our appreciation for the dedication that our health service are showing in doing their very best to protect us all. 

Having never dealt with a situation like this before, it can be hard to explain to the younger members of our family what this all means, especially when we may not understand it ourselves and certainly don’t have the answers to all of our own questions, let alone our children’s.  I question whether I’m telling my children enough or even too much! I found this information from the World Health Organisation and wanted to share it with you all. I hope you find it useful. 

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