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Student Spotlight

You may know me best for creating beautiful buttercream floral cupcakes but did you know I also absolutely love to teach others the skill of floral piping? I have a whole plethora of online tutorials, suitable for all skill levels and also offer (outside of lockdowns!) private courses and group workshops at my location in the stunning Norfolk countryside.

When a customer purchases one of my online tutorials which are available internationally via this website, they are not just purchasing a course but gaining access to a VIP community of my students who are a constant ongoing support for one another. The community is full of positivity, hints and tips and it got me thinking about how I can help celebrate this talent and involve my amazing students more and hey presto “Student Spotlight” was created!

Over the length of this blog, I will be shining the spotlight on just a few of the lovely students I have come to know over the last few years. I’m sure you can appreciate that no matter how much I’d love to be able to feature all of my students within this blog but it just isn’t feasible as there are thousands of you (which I’m eternally grateful for). I often share student work on my social media so please do follow @kerrys_bouqcakes over on Instagram to view even more impressive edible art!

I got to work with my admin team in creating a shortlist of students to contact for this blog and asked them for their response to some questions about them and their business, so over to them!

Cake Me Happy

Alexandria Berry – Cake Me Happy

Hailsham, East Sussex, UK


Hi, I’m Alex, founder of Cake Me Happy. I’m a proud mum of 2 beautiful children and have them to thank for finding my passion in baking. Since their births, I have wanted to spoil them and make the best cakes. It was a match made in heaven where I found that I was able to join my natural arty/crafty side into food form. I have always had a keen eye for attention to detail and have high standards for every bake. A great deal of love goes into every order and my customers have been overwhelmingly supportive.

I found Kerry’s tutorials when wanting to make a special bake for my Grandma’s birthday last year. I absolutely fell in love the instant I watched the construction tutorial and immediately knew I wanted to set up a business making floral cupcakes. I haven’t looked back since, and have found much joy in learning and developing my skills watching more of Kerry’s tutorials, including the advanced buttercream flowers (original and 2021 versions), Spring course collection, tiger lily tutorial and am looking forward to watching the cactus and succulents course I have signed up to.

Kerry is an excellent tutor, she is not only incredibly talented, she is very kind. Kerry makes her tutorials incredibly easy to follow. I think all of the members of her VIP group would admit that with Kerry’s help, we have all come so far with our piping skills and have much to thank her for.




Ozzie’s Cakery

Ozzie McFadden – Ozzie’s Cakery


@OzziesCakery @ozzies_cakery

I was born and raised in Iran. I came to Canada to pursue my graduate studies and that is where I met my loving husband and where I live and run my small business. I have 5 amazing stepchildren, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three adorable grandchildren. I always enjoyed both cooking and baking but I never decorated my cakes/cupcakes

In the fall of 2019, whist in Florida, I randomly joined a cake decorating class. My intention was to be able to make pretty birthday cakes for my grandchildren. That course was focused on working with fondant. When I returned home, I searched social media to learn more about cake decorating. That is when I came across Kerry’s Bouqcakes. I immediately fell in love with her amazing work, and I just had to take her courses. I started with her “beginner course” and “working with colours”. These courses transformed my work! Kerry’s explanations are clear and to the point.  The camera angles are perfect, and the shots are close-up so that you can see all the detail. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful Kerry’s Bouqcakes “working with colours” was!

Cake and cupcake decorating is an art and having the basic knowledge of colouring is an essential to producing a beautiful work of art. Of course, as I progressed, I had to take more courses from Kerry’s Bouqcakes! Now I have my own home-based business “Ozzie’s Cakery” where I create beautiful birthday cakes/cupcakes for my grandchildren and many others!




Butter Bouqcakes

Chamindi Senevirathna – Butter Bouqcakes



I am Chamindi Senevirathna. I started baking as a hobby during Covid-19 lockdown back in July 2020 to keep myself busy. I did not have any prior experience in making cupcakes. I was living in Sri Lanka during this time and it was very challenging for me to make the correct icing mixer due to hot climate.

I spent a great amount of time researching and trying new cupcakes and recipes. One day as I was browsing through Facebook, I came across one of Kerry’s student page where I saw these beautiful hand piped floral cupcakes. I eagerly wanted to find out how she learned to pipe those beautiful flowers so, I sent her a message asking for more details. Without hesitation she recommended Kerry to me and that is where my journey really began. I am very thankful for that lady.

I was blown away when I saw Kerry’s page. I could not believe those were hand piped cupcakes. I pretty much went through every single picture on Kerry’s page and was amazed by attention to details, so I purchased a few tutorials which were the working with Colours, Bouquet Construction, Open petal Rose, Cactus and Succulents, Chrysanthemum, and Ranunculus with Buds and berries. Kerry’s tutorials are truly amazing. Steps are very clear and easy to understand. I moved to Canada in late 2020 and started slowly building Butter Bouqcakes here in Brampton, Ontario. I am very grateful for Kerry and everyone who helped me to get to where I am today.

Nellie’s Sweet Treats
Nellie McFadden – Nellie’s Sweet Treats
Scottsboro, Alabama – US.
I come from a sugar cookie background, but my preference of buttercream icing over royal icing led me into the world of cupcakes. About a year ago I found Kerry’s Bouqcakes from a Pinterest search for buttercream flowers. Her work was intricate and flawless, and I loved her color choices. I followed her on Instagram where I learned she offered online tutorials and was having a sale at that time. I immediately bought her Beginners Buttercream and Working with Colors tutorials. I was impressed by the professionalism of her videos as well as her ability to teach. She gives her students all the information we need to succeed. The next day I purchased the Intermediate and Advanced Buttercream Flowers courses.
I have purchased 26 different tutorials of Kerry’s and have not been disappointed by any. Last year my sugar cookie business was at a standstill. After taking a few of Kerry’s courses and posting pictures on my personal Facebook page, a few people were amazed enough to share my photos with enthusiastic comments. That led to our local county newspaper doing a feature article on my business. Orders started pouring in.
I now have as much business as I can handle. Valentine’s Day weekend I sold over 600 cupcakes. I continue to buy tutorials as Kerry releases them as I enjoy adding new flowers to my repertoire. I appreciate how she is always looking for ways to recreate the beauty of flowers in nature that inspire her. Then she generously teaches her students what she has learned. Not only is she a master craftsman, she is also a master teacher.




Prince of Cupcakes

Zoe Prince – Prince of Cupcakes

Doncaster, England


I first stumbled across Kerry’s Instagram in May 2019.  I was working really hard and had little time for hobbies and interests but I really admired Kerry’s work and I wanted to try it for myself.   I purchased the advanced tutorial that was available at the time. I have never been one for beginners.  I loved every minute of it.  Not long after a busy working mum of two, I decided to register with the council and open a business page.

The rose is my number one favourite to pipe and if you look at my work you will see that.  I find the whole process therapeutic and instead of putting long hours in at the office I spend my free hours time making beautiful bakes and making people happy.




Cake By Louise

Louise – Cake by Louise

Ixworth, Suffolk

Hello! I’m Louise from Cake by Louise. I’m 30, live in Ixworth, Suffolk and have been a hobby baker for over 15 years. When COVID hit and my usual line of work in film and television production came to a halt, I thought I’d give selling cakes a go. I never thought it would be something that would turn into a business.

When lockdown started, I thought it would be a good idea for my mental health to try something new with my baking to keep me occupied. So I went online and did some research into cupcake recipes I hadn’t tried. And then I came across Kerry’s Bouqcakes. Her buttercream flowers were just stunning and I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to learn how to create. I purchased my first online tutorial, and the rest is history.

I’ve always baked as a hobby, but I never thought that my hobby would one day become a successful business. Kerry’s tutorials have guided me enormously in this process. The working with colour guide and the bouquet construction in particular have helped shaped the way I now approach my floral designs.

I never thought I would be this busy selling cakes, ever! Kerry’s tutorials and community Facebook groups have been a wealth of support and guidance and I’m always in awe at her beautiful creations. She is my ultimate baking mentor!




Buttercream Bites

Hayley Fletcher – buttercreambitbyhi.
Beccles, Suffolk – UK.
@ buttercreambitesbyhi 
I saw Kerry’s video and thought this is a must, I have always loved baking so wanted to see if I could push myself.  I started with the beginners tutorial, which was so easy to follow and the results were better than I thought they would be.  I then went on for a face to face lesson with Kerry and safe to say I enjoyed every moment.  Since then I have purchased a few individual flowers and the cactus tutorial.
I work full time as a nurse, baking is my go to ‘me time’ when not on shift, so to be able to turn it into a part time business is just amazing!!  One day I hope to have a bakery.  Without Kerry’s knowledge, skills and utter kindness this dream wouldn’t exist.
I cannot wait to return for my next face to face!!


Thank you so much to all those who contributed to my student spotlight blog!


Keep safe and take care,

Kerry xo