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Student Testimonials

I am a strong believer that hard work and talented should be recognised. It can really make someone’s day to feel appreciated and praised. Don’t forget, in a world where you can be anything, be kind….

Which leads me nicely on to celebrating the A-MAZ-ING talent of my students! As with any skill, we all have to start somewhere, and I am delighted to see the progress of these amazing bakers on their floral piping journey! I feel so pleased and proud that I have helped them in some way or another. Rewind to the beginning of my own journey, there was a time I’d picked up a piping nozzle for the first time ever, gave it a go and felt failed, but didn’t give up, tried and tried again and well as they say, the rest is history!

I am always sharing the work of my students across my social media channels and also on my blog. I would be thrilled if you could all support one another, share the love and show some love! Whether that’s a like on their post, a comment here and there, or even a share of their work!

Here is just a few of some of their thoughts regarding my online tutorials:


  • “Kerry has great teaching skills in a relaxed and very informative manner which makes it easy to take in. I always look forward to the new colours and flowers being produced and never get bored. Thank you for you support throughout Kerry”

  • “I’ve been following Kerry for a while always admired her work on Black Friday I treated myself to her succulent/cactus tutorial. My instagram is jccupcakesandcookies”

  • “It was because I found your tutorials by chance last year our business is now a year old. I had never picked up a piping nozzle before!


  • “I can’t remember how I found Kerry but suffice to say I’m delighted I did. I started with the basic courses last September and launched my business last November. I still buy the tutorials as they always have something different to try. Would never have got this far without the expert help  Instagram wishingwellbakes”