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Spring Vibes

I think I may be a bit late for the Spring party this year as we nudge towards Summer but life, family etc sometimes get in the way of work.

I love how everything, including me. regenerates in Spring. My garden burst into colour with daffodils, tulips and new green shoots appearing daily from long forgotten plants. It gives me that long awaited lift that the Winter blues are finally over and we are heading for sunny days. Obviously, it is only Spring here and some of you are now heading for your Winter but hopefully my new spring flowers will help you push the Winter blues away and give you a new piping challenge ready for when your Spring arrives.

Spring isn’t just about flowers it is so much about nature and new life. My children have just built a bird box with their Grandad and we are anxiously waiting for a bird to take up residence. We have had a few interested blue tits, so fingers crossed.

Some of you may know but I had a minor operation which instead of the expected 7 day recovery took nearly a month to get back to some normality. But I am happy to report I am now fully recovered, back in the saddle and have at last managed to film my new course.

My new courses take months (and sometimes years for some flowers) of planning and development. You may have already realised I am a perfectionist. My Mum is my best and worst critic. She only has to have that look in her eye when I try a new design and I know it’s not right and it’s back to the drawing board. I love it though when a design finally comes together and feel ready to add it to my collection.
So, I am pleased to introduce to you all my new Spring 2022 Floral Collection. These are not just spring flowers but they do have a bit of a Spring vibe with the daffodil. I think my trio of daffodils is what initially inspired me months ago with the Spring idea.
Whatever season you are now in I wish you all well and look forward to seeing your continued success on my Facebook VIP Cake Community.

Keep piping
Kerry xx