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Little Acts of Kindness

When I wrote my blog, a year ago, concentrating on mental health (link to 2019 Health blog) I had no idea what lay ahead of us. What an unexpected year we have had, with the pandemic and economic struggles resulting from it, even the strongest of people are feeling weary and fatigued.

But I want to celebrate the successes we have had this year rather than dwell on the difficulties. When the world closed-down we were all looking for new outlets to fill our days. I am so pleased so many of you decided to follow my lead and start on a journey of buttercream piping to fill some of your time. I have been so impressed with all the cupcake flowers you have made. I look at the work produced and posted on my VIP Cake Community and feel such joy at the accomplishments. So proud of you all and what you have achieved and the kindnesses you have shown to others on their journey. Some of you have taken it one step further and now have successful cake businesses. With our health services etc, under strain what a morale booster it was on the wards to receive gifts of cakes etc. I sent some to local dentists and other essential workers who were out there keeping the country running and I know many of you did the same. I applaud you all.

So many individuals have played their part in different ways during these unusual times looking to their strengths. My Auntie Sue who is a keen hobby seamstress has been head down at her sewing machine making scrubs for the local hospital to ensure our health workers have enough changes of clothes to get through the week keeping both them and their patients safe. Many people have been making facemasks to keep us all safe including my Mum and friend.

We have seen communities come together in new “socially distanced” ways. When we were in full lock down having a weekly get together in the street sitting on a chair in front of your homes and chatting safely across the street, sometimes in the rain with their brollies (umbrellas). This was a real-life saver for some people living on their own who had nothing but walls to talk to the rest of the week. I don’t know what happened elsewhere in the world but in the UK at 8.00pm on a Thursday we all went outside and clapped in support of our health and essential workers. It was heart-warming to be a part of this communal activity of thanks (or like my Mum banged a saucepan with a wooden spoon until she actually broke the spoon).

Our elderly relatives have been dragged into the digital age with Zoom, Facetime and WhatsApp. My grandparents, both now in their 90’s, still haven’t fully mastered it but we have had some fun trying, nothing like talking to the top of someone’s head or their slippers. I’m sure you will all have experienced similar and will have some funny memories to remind us of these times.

Did I mention I love teaching!!! Just to make that clear, that is teaching buttercream piping not my children. What a challenge that was during lockdown. I know I went to school and managed to get reasonable grades in Maths but could I work out my 6 year old son’s homework on fractions. Good job my hubby still has a good brain for numbers. I even set my Mum a task to help set up some home school activities for them. As we couldn’t actually meet, every week a little parcel would arrive with the postman addressed to the children which included some activities for the children plus little gifts and obviously the obligatory sweets. We also had some zoom stories and singing until my Mum lost her voice.

My 4 year old daughter had us in fits of laughter (and I caught it on video) when she told me in all seriousness that Boris Johnson had been eaten by a dinosaur, one of the other children in Pre-school had told her so. It took some convincing to get her to accept that he was really okay and would be on TV later. I think this might be one of those videos that come out on her 18th birthday.

I think what we can take from lockdown and the pandemic, is that there is so much good in people and extreme circumstances brings this to the fore. Each little act of kindness, be it shopping for someone who is shielding or a phone call to someone on their own not just helps them but helps us with those little feel good endorphins. I wish I could bottle endorphins and sprinkle it around the world like the sprinkles on my cupcakes. We are still in the thick of the pandemic but just keep remembering and trying to add your little bit of sunshine and kindness and we will get through it.
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Stay safe and keep baking
Kerry X