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Let’s Talk Trolls

The internet has changed the world forever and has bought us so many positive and wonderful things. It has expanded our world bringing to us so much we would have missed before.

For me, it has given me an amazing audience from across the world who support and encourage me every single day. It has given me the global reach to share my passion for teaching my craft worldwide. It allows me to share images of my work with no limitations on who can see it. I love the feedback which is a two-way street on the feel-good factor. If it makes my followers smile, it in return makes me feel happy.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the internet has made it possible for negativity to also reach your inbox and that’s what I want to talk about in this blog as it affects so many people in different ways.

Let’s talk about trolls…..
I have never really been able to get my head around this subject. I can’t understand why someone would feel the need to verbally attack a total stranger, someone they do not know or have any idea of their circumstances. Why would someone feel it is acceptable to post unkind or hurtful and usually untrue things. Even false postings will likely make that person feel sad at the very least, angry and possibly distraught. It is very difficult to counter these comments without being dragged into an unwanted conversation. I can only assume that the troll must feel so dissatisfied with their own life and so jealous to see other people happy or successful.

For the 7 years of Kerry’s Bouqcakes I have grown quite a thick skin and therefore I am not affected by the words of a troll. I don’t forget them but that’s because I find the psychology and mentality of a troll very interesting.

I am not trolled often and my heart really does go out to those that are. I can totally see that if this is a daily occurrence it can break down your resolve and eventually make you question you own self-worth.

This week I have had a wonderful lady travel from California for a 3 day class with me. I have been happily sharing her progress on my business page when a troll dared to question me not spending time with my children. Now I refuse to enter a debate with a troll or to justify myself so my reaction was to delete and block. It’s well documented that this is an attention seeking act and therefore I will not be fulfilling their need. Now again I must reiterate I find myself not upset or angry by their words but more intrigued as to why they would feel the need to try to make me feel bad about something as precious as parenting my two children. It’s quite a personal one isn’t it…? The irony is that I set this business up to be able to spend more time with my children. I set my owns hours which means I can take them to school every morning, pick them up every evening, watch all of their Christmas shows and have the holidays off. I don’t want to sound like I am justifying myself as I genuinely don’t feel the need but it just goes to show that a troll has no clue about the people they attack. They just want to try and say something to knock you down, make you question yourself as a person.

I think this goes to indicate what a terribly insecure, jealous and sad person they are with little fulfilment in their life. The messages they send are often provoking as they are seeking a reaction or a debate as they desperately need their next attention fix. A troll can remain behind a curtain of anonymity and this facilitates a behaviour that perhaps they wouldn’t display to you in person. I do get unkind comments from time to time but why focus on these when the majority of my followers are the most supportive kind and wonderful people.

Isn’t it amazing that some of our biggest supporters can be complete strangers! Take time to make a positive difference to someone else by liking or commenting on something they have done. A small act of kindness may be all it needs to make someone’s day.

Kerry xx