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I am delighted to announce some super exciting news!! As you all know, aside from my passion for creating beautiful, floral buttercream cupcakes, I am very enthusiastic about teaching. I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge with others, seeing their creativity evolve and the expressions on their faces when they create stunning masterpieces to be truly proud of.
Since the conception of my tutorials, whether this is via one of my online courses, or an in-person class, my student community has grown from strength to strength. My VIP student group is a hive of hustle and bustle on a daily basis, where you, my students share hints, tips and ask questions in a positive, encouraging group where we all support one another. I absolutely love seeing you sharing your work within the VIP student group and I often host student spotlight days where I will reshare your work on my social media.
When I receive messages from people who began like me, a hobby baker and since taking my tutorials or seeing me for a face-to-face lesson have created a successful business, I honestly do a happy dance! So many people think you have to have a heap of experience but we’ve all got to begin somewhere, right? I could barely pipe a swirl a few years ago and now my floral cupcakes are shared globally.
Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking long and hard about how my Kerry’s Bouqcakes student community could evolve and how the foundation of positivity could be built on. I’d like to introduce to you all, #learningwithkerry. I want to encourage you all to share your work on your social media profiles, whether this be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and use the hashtag #learningwithkerry. I’d also encourage you all to keep an eye on the hashtag, and show the love to those using it. I will be featuring these posts on my own social media, so keep an eye out and see if you can spot your bakes! We are all on our own journeys, but having someone in your corner cheering you on can make all the difference.
What’s more, each month for 4 months, I will be selecting an image where the hashtag #learningwithkerry has been used and gifting that person a voucher to use on a tutorial on my website. It’s my way of celebrating your talent and I can’t wait to see all your photos!!
Get sharing, get tagging, get using #learningwithkerry