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Kerry’s Bouqcakes Fourth Birthday

Here we are again, another Kerry’s Bouqcakes birthday. Four years ago I started my business and I am still amazed how quickly each year has gone. Celebrating my business birthday is one of those positive milestones that keeps a smile on my face and makes me proud. It gives me a chance to reflect on the time and remember all of the opportunities and achievements that have come my way. I feel very fortunate for every opportunity I have had, but am equally proud of the hard work I have dedicated to make them happen.

As a business owner I spend a lot of time looking forward, planning new and original ways to push my business forward but today I want to reflect on what has made Kerry’s Bouqcakes a success to date and hopefully inspire you too.

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If you told me 4 years ago that I would be selling online tutorials world-wide with a combined social media following of over 300K or that I would have been in national magazines and on the News, I would simply have not believed it. When I started out, teaching was not even on my radar. I was just a mum that loved to bake. When I started piping buttercream flowers and cupcake bouquets, I found a passion for something I truly love. I think if you find that passion in something, you have an excellent foundation to grow and nurture that skill into something wonderful.

I want to inspire you all to reach for the stars, you too can achieve success if you put your heart and mind into it (and some long hours). Don’t wait for things to happen, be proactive but be prepared for a few knock backs. That’s life but it will help form your decisions going forward.

I can remember how terrified I was in the early days of the business, a local photographer who specialised in wedding photography asked me to join his latest shoot with my cupcakes. Then to find they had been accepted for a feature in a National Wedding Magazine. What a WOW moment that was and such a confidence boost. I have to admit making cakes for weddings terrify me. If you mess up a birthday cake at least there will be another birthday the next year but with a wedding you only get one shot at getting it right for the couple’s special day. I will admit to having had a few last-minute panics along the way.

So, what else has happened in the last 4 years
…..maybe an overview of my achievements such as TV, newspaper, bridal magazines, cake magazines and Vogue Paris. How exciting to have celebrity fans following my work. Then the success of my online courses and creating my amazingly successful student group. And last but not least opening our sister company Box Your Bouqcakes (my husband’s baby) which has been well received and successful with cake boxes shipped globally.

I live and breathe my business. It has its stressful moments but overall, it’s my happy place. When I am piping pretty flowers, day dreaming over my next flower creation or colour pallets I feel content. I need it, it’s like medicine for my mind, it may sound strange but it’s truly how I feel. I know I am not alone as many of my students, many of whom are hobby bakers, say how relaxing they find it especially in these difficult times. We all need to find a place to escape to sometimes.

Over the last 4 years I have regularly been pushed out of my comfort zone, I am not sure it ever gets any easier when I do something that makes me anxious or nervous but that’s only because I care so much and I want to get it right. The media attention/interviews etc are not what come naturally to me and I am much happier when I am creating my buttercream flowers but I push myself to do this because I owe it to myself and to the future success of my business.

I have learnt many lessons over the last 4 years, things that have helped me to grow as a person, to be more confident, to believe in myself more and to help others realise their own true potential.

I have also learnt the important lesson of time management and balancing my work with my family life. For a while I lost that balance, and I became quite unhappy and I feel I have a responsibility to highlight this as it’s the reality. The positive is that I took back control and I made changes to make sure this never happened again (except Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday). It’s not easy to say no when you run your own business but you must take care of yourself and not lose that balance, this will help your business to survive in the long term.

So, what’s next for Kerry’s Bouqcakes….once we get past lockdown, look out for new tutorials, more lines added to Box your Bouqcakes
……and the most exciting part is not knowing what other opportunities might come my way before my next business anniversary.

So how best to celebrate my 4th birthday with my loyal followers and students than a thank you giveaway. Check out my social media platforms for how to enter.

And that’s not all, I have put many of my online courses on sale to celebrate this milestone. To check this out click here.

And finally, stay safe and keep baking
Love Kerry XX