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rose beau cakes

Guest Blog from Rose Beau Cakes

As many of you will know by now, I offer online tutorials in floral buttercream piping. I love sharing the success stories of my students, and in this blog post, I would like to shine the spotlight on Rose Beau Cakes. A massive thank you to owner Charlotte for writing this guest article! If you would like to learn yourself, please feel free to browse my online tutorials, suitable for all skill levels, by clicking ‘here’

Kerry xo

The following is written by Charlotte, of Rose Beau Cakes:

At the end of summer last year, whilst on Instagram admiring some piping videos from influencers, I came across a reel by Kerry. It was right at that moment my next work chapter changed!

I was completely baffled and equally fascinated by how she had the ability to pipe such flamboyant and beautiful creations with some piping tips and buttercream! I instantaneously went on to her website where I purchased a basic starter flower piping tutorial.
To my utter disbelief, the flowers I piped weren’t too bad! I practiced a couple more times, caught the bug and that was it. My piping journey was all go!
I wasn’t an amateur in the baking side but definitely the decorating! I had launched a cupcake and tray bakes business 6 months before.Specialising mainly in allergen baking in order to help mothers like myself, bake for their children who like my own have multiple allergies. Work was steady but I still enjoyed it. Well, I thought I did until I then began purchasing more of Kerry’s tutorials, scrolling Instagram for hours, and staying up late to perfect my mini creations!
Rose Beau Cakes
The business grew very quickly for me with the flowers and by Christmas, I was making so many bouquets and bakes I just couldn’t keep up with the demand of it all in my home kitchen and needed a plan b before I had to chuck the towel in.
Previously in 2018 we had, had our garage renovated into a hair salon for myself in order to work from home to suit our family of 3. It was a success right up until covid19 hit and we were all forced into lockdown. Little did I know that when I closed the door in March it would be my last day of trading in the hair industry.
I fell pregnant with our 2nd child shortly into the lockdown which was incredibly exciting but also a very daunting and anxious time. I worried about post-pandemic, how and when I’d be able to get back to work in the salon with juggling two young children with the rising costs of childcare and the thought of not being able to watch them grow.
I took my full year of maternity and then decided to end my career in hair and get into some baking that I’d found a love for in my pregnancy.
Fast forward to Christmas 2022, my husband came up with the idea of changing the salon into a studio kitchen. So between us, we stripped the salon back and created a kitchen for me to have my own separate place of work.
I haven’t looked back since. My main work now is flowers. Whether that be semi-naked cakes, garden tray cakes, boxes of blooms, or cupcake bouquets.
Rose Beau Cakes
What I do now brings me so much passion and fits around my family and social life, thanks to Kerry. I am forever grateful I stumbled across her Instagram by pure coincidence but it has quite literally changed my life. I live in a small town in East Cornwall and the closest at present flower piping company is over 30 miles away. People travel from afar for my bakes and equally with thanks to Kerry’s husband’s business “Box Your Bouqcakes” my cakes have traveled as far as Scotland and Wales.
I look forward to seeing what the next year brings to my journey and love having the flexibility to be a full-time mum, wife and enjoy what I do for work.
rose beau cakes
You can follow Rose Beau Cakes on Instagram, by clicking ‘here’