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Business and my Family

What makes a successful business.
I can tell you in one word, customers or students in my case.
I wanted to dedicate this blog to my amazing students, yes you and my followers of course. It’s astonishing to have followers from all over the world and I feel so privileged that people like my work enough to purchase my classes and learn from me.
Furthermore, it’s gratifying that students return and purchase more classes from me which makes me feel that I must have produced a worthwhile product. If ever I needed validation, (and we all need this to be the best we can be) this is it and it gives me that warm feeling inside.

It is often overlooked that when you support a small business, like Kerry’s Bouqcakes, you really are supporting someone‚Äôs dream (a real person and not a huge faceless company.) When you support a small business, it is much more personal as you are supporting a family directly.

So how does your support look for my family?
Well, my daughter loves to play the piano and she has lessons, every week. She also really enjoys gymnastics and spends her Friday evenings upside down at the local gym.
My son loves football and plays twice weekly for a local team (luckily my hubby deals with this). He is also having some private tutoring each week to support him with his English.
We live 25 miles from the coast so they love the beach. But to catch some really big waves on their bodyboards, we try and take them to Cornwall or Devon to have some much-loved family time. If you have followed my journey for a while, you will also know I am a big advocate of working hard but also to successfully balance both my work and personal life. It is still a constant struggle to keep that balance.

When I first started my business, I had a baby and a toddler and I started to sell my cupcakes as a way to make some extra money to support my family. I could have never imagined in my wildest dreams that 7 years down the line I would have people flying across the globe to come and learn with me and people from the opposite end of the world and everywhere in between purchasing online classes. It fills me with pride every time a student purchases an online class as I get a notification directly into my inbox. I truly appreciate every person that decides to visit my website and put their trust in me to teach them. I put so much love and passion into my online classes and face to face lessons.

I am an advocate for supporting small business owners and family run businesses. I don’t want small independent businesses to disappear. I try and support small businesses wherever I can and that doesn’t always have to be by making a purchase. It can be sharing the work of a small business online to help them reach a wider audience, it can be writing a review, telling friends about them.

The relationship I have with my own student community goes beyond their initial private or online course purchase. They become members of my private ever-expanding online cake community and I love to watch and help them in their journey and to watch them achieve their own dreams.

If you are piping for pleasure and not as a business this is just as important to me. A hobby that takes you out of the humdrum of daily life can only be a good thing. So many hobbyists tell me this is their mindful activity. I can truly believe that as I can lose myself in the creativity. Plus, you get to share the results with others.

If you are anything like me you will notice the pride a small business takes in their customer service. We go the extra mile to please a customer. In my experience you don’t always receive the same personal service from the larger companies.

My business is a reflection of myself and I’m proud of it. Therefore, I will always give it my all and nothing less.

Happy 2024