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Autumn has arrived

Autumn is on its way. The leaves are starting to turn from green to an amazing array of rich reds and russets. The blackberries are ripening and ready to pick. There is nothing my children love more going out picking tubs of them and come back with black tongues from the all the ones that don’t make it to the tub. It is also about making memories for them to treasure when they are adults. I look back fondly to picking blackberries with my grandparents and then helping make blackberry and apple crumble. There are not many things these days you can get for free so this is a real bonus.

I have recently returned from my holiday in Cornwall with my family. The coastal scenery was amazing and the bays where brilliant for swimming and making sand structures. We had great fun building a sand wall but we were, funnily enough, unsuccessfully in keeping the tide back.

On one of our coastal walks, we saw a couple of squirrels running from branch to branch hanging on to an acorn they had collected. They too are getting ready for winter by collecting and hiding their food store. I hope they don’t start hiding them in my garden pots which I know does happen sometimes.

I would love to know what you look forward to in the Autumn.

I don’t know about you but this means a total overhaul of my working colour palette. I love the seasonal additions of acorns, toadstools, pumpkins etc. Each season has such a different colour vibe and it is exciting to try new ideas out. If you are stuck for ideas and inspiration have a look at my Autumn Course.

I have a sale on my Autumn cupcake course. So it is a good time to start your piping journey or to add to your collection.

Above all keep piping

Kerry xx