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A Day in the Life

I thought I would devote this blog to a day in the life of Kerry’s Bouqcakes. Many of you know that along-side my business I am also a mum. I am juggling full-time work alongside busy mum life. I can feel all you busy working parents out there agreeing with this too whether you are self-employed or working for an employer.

Firstly, I offer a variety of services within my business from online class filming, private lessons, group workshops. Then there is content planning, collaborations, cake orders for clients and so much more, not to mention keeping up with the admin and social media management and here I am writing a blog. Therefore, my days are very varied but I love that no two days are the same.

This is what a typical private lesson day would look like for me….
Lesson days consist of an early start.
Now, first things first, my brain cannot function properly without my morning cup of tea. It’s become almost a ritual and it kick starts my day and I am somewhat dependant on that morning caffeine fix.

I then have a quick glance at my emails and social media in case anything important has come through during the night. My students are not just from the UK but from around the world and on different time zones. So, we receive messages and emails 24 hours a day and some require urgent attention and I pride myself on my customer service.

My mornings consist of multi-tasking. I like to consider myself a professional multi-tasker. To successfully manage both my business and my children’s needs I have to be organised and I have gotten it down to a fine art.

My business has given me the freedom to set my own working pattern and I feel so proud that I have created successful employment that allows me to be there for my children and husband too. I could not do what I do without the unwavering support of my husband Brett.

Before I start the morning school routine, I need to get fresh cupcakes mixed and in the oven. They take 25 minutes to bake so during this time, I am making school packed lunch boxes, sorting drink bottles and school uniforms and dashing out the door to get them to class on time for 8:40am.

On my return, at around 9:00am, I start my lesson prep. I normally only have an hour to do this before my student arrives. This consists of making several batches of buttercream, sorting out all the equipment and tools we will need for the class and ensuring my kitchen etc is clean and tidy.

At 10:00am my student arrives and I want to make them feel instantly at ease. I can understand for many it must feel daunting coming to an unfamiliar place with someone they have not met before and trying something new. I believe a relaxed atmosphere will allow my students to feel at ease. It also ensures they get the most out of the lesson. Some of my students arrive visibly nervous but I can see their nerves diminish as they get to know me and my relaxed and friendly teaching style. Needless to say, tea, coffee and light refreshments are supplied throughout the lesson as we learn.

The start of the lesson is when I will chat with my student about what they would like to achieve from the lesson and I also need to gauge their current piping level. My lessons are bespoke and tailored to both the students wishes and any particular area they wish to concentrate on. A large proportion of my students are complete beginners. I will therefore talk them through the learning process and what they can expect to achieve as a beginner in a private day class. Some of them look doubtful but I reassure them and have every confidence that under my guidance they will produce beautiful pipe work to be truly proud of.

I take my teaching very seriously and hold nothing back when demonstrating my methods and techniques. I feel that students need to learn the full package, so alongside the piping techniques I will demonstrate how to achieve beautiful and realistic colouring and shading techniques for a natural finish, how to make the perfect buttercream for smooth results and how to group various flower colours and textures together.

Some of my students are already in business, some have an ambition to start a business and others purely come as hobby bakers. I will happily and whole heartedly answer any questions my students have relating to baking, decorating and business advice. I have 7 years’ experience in the industry and people are often genuinely interested to chat about my journey and get an insight into how my cake business works for me.

My day lessons are 4.5 hours and at the end of the lesson, with my student’s permission, I love to get a photo of my student with their floral creations. I take great pride is sharing what my students have achieved during my lessons and if you would like to see some of these images click here.

I have some wonderful Google reviews that have been written by my private students. If you would like to read them then you can do so here.

Following the class, it’s time to clear away. Now this is not a leisurely clear away as I have only half an hour spare before I have to go and collect my children from school. I don’t enjoy this part but what I do enjoy however is a nice sparkly kitchen at the end of it.

At 3:00pm it’s time to go and collect the children from school and mum duties return. My children enjoy numerous after school activities such as football and gymnastics and in amongst these clubs I am cooking dinner and then starting the bedtime routine. I have piano practice for my daughter, chats about their day and finally reading bedtime stories.

Once the children are settled in bed around 8:00pm it’s time to catch up on social media and admin. Consistency is key with social media and I am committed to sharing content with my followers in a variety of forms most days and networking with other social media accounts. This can consist of reels, still images and stories but ultimately, I try to maintain a regular presence. I reply to emails which can consist of collaboration requests, cake order requests, private or group lesson communication, queries re online classes. I will update my diary and do any prep work needed for the following day’s work. I also use this time to order any new stock or supplies required.

In addition to the above I spend time in the evenings advance planning. This could be planning a new online class, planning a new group class, deciding what I will offer for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day etc. The list is endless.

Luckily, I enjoy all of these things and my passion for what I do knows no bounds. Sometimes I think my head will explode with new ideas but I give it my all and always will.

You can run a full-time successful business and be a present parent but it takes discipline, organisation and time management and in my case a network of supportive family and friends (You know who you are!) that I am ever grateful for.

Love Kerry xx